Concept & Design

Couches at Casa Beatnik

For over a decade, Maison Bonhomme has built a reputation for creating concept-driven spaces known for a global narrative and maximalist design.

Evoking a filmmaker’s eye and cinematic composition, our aesthetic can be summed up as simultaneously idiosyncratic and relentlessly detailed, with a design-through-storytelling point of view that weaves romantic ideals of the past with exoticism, color and style. 

Guided by poetry and romanticism, Maison Bonhomme creates spaces of exceptional taste that may appear accidental but are carefully considered and constructed. Our extravagant colors and shapes, contrasting styles and textures, and rich elaborations are dreamy and seductive at the same time.

Our aspiration is to transport people so that they may savor the singular craftsmanship and audacious combinations of color in Marrakech, the polish and panache of Milan, the music and artistic confidence of Paris and the magnificence of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Our approach is based on intensive research and authenticity, the integration of the natural world at every stage of design, and sustainability through the re-use and accentuation of elements uncovered during renovations. 


At Maison Bonhomme, we extend our reutilization mission to furniture and fixtures, giving a second chance to historically significant pieces and found objects. We like things from the past with a rich history, many layers, charm and a bit of mystery. But our first inspiration is nature, which has already created everything for us, every hue and form. 

Travel plays a vital role in crafting the stories we bring to life, with many of the objects and elements we work with collected over the course of frequent trips and collaborations, sometimes with a project in mind, other times simply because they are too perfect to pass up. We also travel constantly to meet the actual artists who are preserving their cultural heritage and carrying their traditions forward so that we can better learn their stories. Our extreme passion for craftsmanship includes supporting female employment initiatives, which lie at the very heart of the Maison Bonhomme ethos. Through our concepts and designs we aim to connect guests with the power of their hands.

Maison Bonhomme’s projects in Chicago include select hospitality developments like Kashmir, Bambola, Coquette, Porto, Beatnik West Town, Beatnik On The River, Mama Delia, GoodFunk, Bordel, Botánico, Disco and Fulton Market Kitchen. In Galicia, nestled in Spain’s Rías Baixas wine country, Maison Bonhomme’s hospitality developments include its first boutique hotel and two restaurants — Tribu and a second location of Bambola. Casa Beatnik Hotel mixes history and modernity to create a destination for seekers of uncharted experiences, bespoke luxury, wellness retreats and inspired hospitality in one of Spain’s most unspoiled regions. Set within the stone walls of an 18th-century manor house, Casa Beatnik is a meticulously restored and reimagined 20-room boutique hotel with individually styled suites and luxury yurts, two restaurants, expansive gardens and outdoor terraces, a working winery, and a vineyard with one of the world’s oldest vines.