Travel. Culture. Style.

Based in Chicago and Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Maison Bonhomme is a concept and design studio comprised of artists, designers, storytellers and specialists in branding, marketing and communications recognized for an award-winning portfolio of restaurants, bars and hotels. 

For over a decade, Maison Bonhomme has built a reputation for creating concept-driven spaces known for a global narrative and maximalist design. Evoking a filmmaker’s eye and cinematic composition, our aesthetic can be summed up as simultaneously idiosyncratic and relentlessly detailed, with a design-through-storytelling point of view that weaves romantic ideals of the past with exoticism, color and style. 

Guided by poetry and romanticism, Maison Bonhomme creates spaces of exceptional taste that may appear accidental but are carefully considered and constructed. Our extravagant colors and shapes, contrasting styles and textures, and rich elaborations are dreamy and seductive at the same time. Our aspiration is to transport people so that they may savor the singular craftsmanship and audacious combinations of color in Marrakech, the polish and panache of Milan, the music and artistic confidence of Paris and the magnificence of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Learn more about our concept and design.